Stars Align Bodywork is permanently closed, as we are moving to Colorado!

Warmly accepting reviews to help gain traction in a new city. Thanks for all the love and support, Oakland!
Niki Hale, owner and bodyworker. Photo by Paige Green.

Stars Align Bodywork offers luxurious & nourishing massage therapy, pre/perinatal massage for people currently or recently pregnant, nurturing touch for people navigating a cancer diagnosis, and onsite chair massage at bay area events.


I received a soothing and nourishing pre-natal massage from Niki and was so impressed by the experience from start to finish. She began with thoughtful questions that helped me consider and communicate what I was hoping to get out of the session and then checked in the perfect amount throughout the massage to make sure I was comfortable. My massage simultaneously felt like a collaborative experience and a trip deep into relaxation mode. I love abdominal work and she showed incredible sensitivity while working on my pregnant belly. Such a treat!

-I. N.

Niki is a joy to connect with, and her enthusiasm and groundedness in this work is an inspiration. Her quality of touch is phenomenal, each stroke and technique feels very intentional, and her depth of presence allowed me to fully participate as receiver, breathing into areas, feeling met in the process of unwinding and not ‘fixed.’ Her use of strokes is both focused with wonderful depth in specific areas, and connects each area to larger structures. Beautiful, highly therapeutic blend of specific work and flowing integrative strokes- very much working on my nervous system as well as my muscles. Excellent variation of techniques that felt creative, intentional, elegant and sophisticated- all the while conveying a calm listening touch.

Z. Z.