The Community

Stars Align Bodywork chair massage is available for chair massage at your community event! Imagine nourishing massage at your block party, corporate celebration, wellness event, craft fair, baby shower, fundraiser, bachelorette weekend, house party, festival, and more!

Provide your guests with a centering, relaxing opportunity for nourishing bodywork.

There are three ways to play:

1. Cover the cost for your guests: the most generous and easiest plan!  ($80-$120 per hour, two hour minimum)
2. Split the cost with your guests: perfect for events on a budget.(You pay $60 per hour and guests pay $1 per minute, two hour minimum)
3. Guests sign up beforehand and pay for themselves, sticking to a schedule (15/20/30 minute sessions for $20/$30/$45, two hour minimum)
Events centering and benefiting marginalized communities are offered a discounted or donated rate. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

Stars Align Bodywork is working hard to offer a monthly low-cost/sliding scale community clinic at Lyra House. Stay tuned!

Previous Events:

December 15, 2018: Hipline’s Shimmy Pop-Up, Oakland

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December 5-22, 2018: One Medical Staff Wellness Event, 5 locations


December 1, 2018: Santa Skivvies Fundraiser for HIV Research, Oakland

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July 21, 2018: Summer Bouquet Market, Berkeley

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June 1, 2018: Left Coast Power Yoga 5th Anniversary and Wellness Fair, Oakland

May 10, 2018: Independent Film Set, San Francisco


May 4, 2018: 8th and Pine Spring Market, Oakland

April 14, 2018: Spring Bouquet Market, Berkeley

February 24, 2018: Be Still Retreat, Oakland

Volunteer chair massage to guests of the Be Still Retreat, a thrice yearly event presented by The Black Women’s Media and Wellness Project.

(no photos available)

October 11-16, 2017: Napa Fire Response, Santa Rosa/Napa

I coordinated a team of massage therapists over 6 days to provide bodywork to firefighters, relief workers, and victims of the Santa Rosa/Napa fires.

August 19, 2017, Corinne’s Bon Voyage Party

I donated bodywork at a house party to raise funds for a dear friend’s international move.