The Therapist

I’m Niki Hale, owner of Stars Align Bodywork.


I provide deeply nourishing massage therapy, informed by Swedish and Deep Tissue traditions, as well as other modalities and techniques. My previous work as a teacher and EMT also influence my approach.

A Stars Align session focuses on grounding and regulating the nervous system, increasing mobility and range of motion, nurturing areas of tension or pain, and bringing a sense of connection and wholeness to the body. I use contact with the physical body to reach the emotional body, and attune to my client’s sense of safety and capability. My style is a powerful blend of luxurious and therapeutic, described by one client as “creative, intentional, elegant and sophisticated- all the while conveying a calm listening touch.” 

I value:

  • Partnership. A successful session requires the full presence of both parties, and is a journey we take together. There is a noticeable difference in quality and presence when a client and therapist work together over time and I treasure the bond forged as it allows for more consistent results.
  • Community Care. Self-care is easier for a person with privilege. I seek to be part of a larger web of care, for the community as a whole. I provide volunteer massage therapy at events centering marginalized people because I believe everyone should have access to nurturing touch.
  • The East Bay. Part of my community care is to patronize other small business. Laundry service, florist, printing, local artists, and more- all rippling outwards from your patronage of my small business.

I also enjoy cooking, tending to my backyard garden/jungle, making things by hand, and generally being a domestic badass (i.e. homebody). All the offerings for sale in the shop were handmade by me. My work also includes facilitating groups, namely women’s circles and workshops.

I had my last drink on December 27, 2016. I wrote about it on my one-year anniversary and also recorded a podcast about my journey.



It is the best decision I have ever made; Your results may vary.



Niki is especially interested in working with clients desiring better mind-body awareness, clients new to massage, and clients for whom prioritizing self-care is difficult. Her training includes Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, massage for the elderly, massage for people navigating various pathologies (PTSD, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and others), basic Thai massage, trauma-informed massage, and abdominal massage.

She is committed to establishing a practice that affirms the rights and humanity of all people, regardless of race, age, size, gender expression, ability, nationality, orientation, culture, religion, education, or income.

Niki completed her 500-hour training at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA. Her CMT # is 75567.